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"Hi Coach Ronna, I will be coming back for another 8 sessions!  I really believe your workouts have helped me tremendously in my golf game so I want to stay and get my body fit before college.  My drives have gone from 235 to 270 yards since starting your program.  My last tournament I hit every Par 5 in two."
Torrey Pines High School
2010-2011 Girls Golf CIF State
 Championship Team Member

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Sports Rehab


For those that are recovering from an injury and want to return to play ASAP or you completed your formal rehab or have tried alternative approaches and you still can't play the game you love, this program is for you. Learn more........

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"I feel pretty good.  My hip/pelvis/leg problem came and went quickly - thank goodness.  My back soreness is gone. The other day I was thinking that my back hasn't bothered me in a while.  I'm not even sore after golf.  I just don't think about it much anymore.  Thank you.  I'm doing your exercise program 3-4 times a week.  I mention you to golfers with chronic back pain.  You are terrific in my book."  
City Golf Club & Academy Member


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IMInteractive Metronome      training is one of the missing link in most fitness programs, proven to increase accuracy, timing, awareness and much more! Research has proven IM enhances golf performance.  Not just for golf, young and old have reported enhanced focus with reading, studying & activities of daily living.  IM training will take you to the next level with your sports and in the classroom. Learn more..........

IM gd

"In a game where you have to pay attention to the smallest details, during the most intense and nerve-racking of times, focus is vital peek performance.  IM has given me the strength of mind to be able to truly take one shot at a time, while getting the most out of my physical ability."   Golf Pro - 5th on 2010 Golden State Tour                                             Money List

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15 Min. Focus

What's News:

Golf Fit SOS to provide

fitness program for new

Women's Golf Team

at Point Loma Nazarene University

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Head Coach Jacqui McSorley, LPGA is looking to build a strong program and she realizes that understanding her player's fitness, focus and cognititve attributes will help her in that process.  That is why she has asked Ronna to design and implement a golf specific fitness program for her players, starting with a pre-season program. 

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Updated: May 1, 2011


Email from Brett,PGCC Student:

"It is an absolute pleasure being able to get some one-on-one education and evaluation with you Tuesday.  The stretches and exercises have been an enormous help only after a few days for me.  Not only in my well-being but especially my game."

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Updated: June 1, 2011

Recent Events:

EFX at Charley Hoffman Pro-Am

demoEFX Golf Fitness was proud to be one of the hole sponsors, giving away an EFX Hologram Performance bracelet to the player nearest to the hole in each group. Awesome tournament at the beautiful Del Mar CC raising alot of money for the San Diego Junior Golf Association.

Thank You Hoffman Family!

Click on the EFX logo to get more information on or to purchase an EFX Hologram Performance bracelet.

Located at the New!!!       City Golf Club & Academy

City Golf Club & Academy, at 9401 Waples Street, Suite 100, San Diego CA one block south of Mira Mesa Blvd, is a 23,000 sq. foot indoor golf haven.  Golfers can stop by at lunch or on a break to
hit a few balls on the driving range in one of the ball flight simulator
bays or you could spend time on putting drills on the practice
green before or after going to the office.  Along with the driving bays
and practice putting green, the City Golf Club & Academy houses four JC Video swing analysis/training booths; nine hole putting course; a short game area with a sand bunker and four golf simulators where you can play a round of golf on one of 65 world famous golf courses.

Custom Orthotics -         FOOTMAXX Metascan Computer

    • "...I feel like I now have the missing peice to my swing and                        I feel like I can comfortably repeat the proper finish. And I                    am no longer wiped out after being on the lesson tee all day.                     I am excited to practice again!"                   (JM, PGA Teaching Pro in RB)

  • Don't wait for low back, hip, knee or foot pain.  Come experience the high tech, dynamic, weight-bearing FOOTMAXX Metascan evaluation to determine how your foot functions and to find any physical limitations that may lead to stress in other areas of your body.                                      
  • Custom orthotics for everyday and for while you are participating in your favorite sport. Specialized golf orthotic that will not limit the motion necessary for your swing, but will help control the biomechanics needed while walking.  
                                                          system footmaxx report orthotics

State of the Art - K-Vest TPI 3D Kinematic Sequence Evaluation

K-VEST is an all-in-one capture, analysis, and training solution that allows fitness, medical and teaching professionals to easily measure movement patterns and efficiency in timing while the real-time bio-feedback training experience improves dysfunctional patterns in less time.  
   Kvest1  k-vest2

For golfer's, K-Vest TPI 3D - Kinematic Sequence Evaluation and Biofeedback Training displays not only the motion, but also the timing of your swing.     


Every team has a goal to win a championship, every player has a goal to perform at the highest level that they can.  Every coach knows that this takes preperation, vision, team bonding, accountability to name only a few.  Our Team Building & Pre-Season Fitness Programs are designed to meet these needs, but we know that every coach, player and team's needs will be different to reach their goals.


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         Ronna H. Semonian
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